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Friday, March 5, 2010

Networking - Getting Hired is About Who You Know

I just saw an article in the Yahoo business pages that made great sense. They said that 80% of jobs are never posted publicly. Amazing! So sitting around waiting for a job to appear in the "Help Wanted" section means you only see 20% of what is available. Ever hear "It's all who you Know?" Well, in job hunting it is never more true. Round up rcontacts and start calling. You'll be amazed who is hiring. Don't have a bunch of friends or contacts? Make them. Join clubs, associations, community service groups. Have a special company in mind but don't have any contacts on the inside? Volunteer. Its about getting yourself in front of and in the minds of as many people as you can who might hear about a job opening. Try it. And have your resume ready because you will unearth a bunch of openings. Want to see the Yahoo article? Go to this page.

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